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Computed Tomography (CT)

Indications for CT of the brain:

1) Stroke

What is CT?  When is CT performed? 
Indications for CT. 
Other CT procedures. 
What to expect when you come for CT. 
Safety aspect of CT.

2) Intracranial Haemorrhage
3) Trauma
4) Degenerative diseases, e.g. dementia
5) Spinal diseases

Other CT Procedures:

Advanced CT procedures include 3-Dimensional Scans, CT angiography and CT Guided Biopsy. 3-D multiplanar reconstruction is particularly useful in some situations such as bone injury. Computer post-processing enables image reformatting in other planes when patients are too ill to be positioned in the standard fashion. Within limits, CT angiography can be a non-invasive alternative to catheter angiography for patients who are unfit or unstable.

Under certain conditions, it may be necessary to obtain tissue samples for diagnosis. These minor surgical procedures may be carried out under CT guidance in situations where open surgery is either dangerous or undesirable.  CT guides the insertion of the biopsy needle, and helps to obtain an accurate site of the tissue sampling.