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Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

What to expect when you come for MRI?

Prior to the examination, you will be asked questions to satisfy a safety checklist. You will need to change into a hospital gown, and all your belongings, especially magnetic cards and jewellery should be stored in the locker provided.

The procedure will be carried out in the MRI Suite of the Neuroradiology department, NNI. Inside the scan room, you will be given a pair of disposable earplugs so as to reduce the thumping noise produced during the scan. There is a 2-way intercom system, and you will also be given a hand buzzer as a precaution. Throughout the examination, it is important for you to stay absolutely still as any slight movement during the scan will adversely affect the image quality. The entire procedure may take up to half an hour: longer if intravenous contrast media is used, for flow studies and tumour follow-up. In certain situations such as children or ICU patients requiring mechanical ventilation, scan times may be prolonged due to safety precautions. All monitoring equipment in the Scan room is MR compatible, including anaesthetic machine.

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What to expect when you come for MRI
Safety aspect of MRI.










Safety aspect of MRI.

MRI is generally a safe procedure. However, strong magnetic fields influence wires and ferrous metallic objects and may cause discomfort or even life-threatening accidents due to movement, heating, or electromagnetic stimulation. The purpose of the MR safety questionnaire is, therefore, to determine if there is an increased risk during MR scanning arising from metallic objects implanted surgically or accidentally. You MUST inform your healthcare professional if there is the slightest suspicion any such implants are placed in your body.