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Our services



Our Services
Established in 1999 as an integral part of the National Neuroscience Institute (NNI), the Neuroradiology Department serves to provide a subspecialised neuroradiology service to the patients of NNI as well as referrals from private clinics and hospital.

This Department is equipped with a wide range of advanced neuro-imaging equipment, all dedicated to produce high quality images of the brain and spine.

Computed Tomography

Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Nuclear Medicine Imaging
Request for services
Radiological requests must be made through a doctor in the form of a memo or Radiological Request Form provided by the Department.
Appointment and referrals
Appointments can be made through phone or fax:


   6357 7022 / 9686 4700 (8am to 5pm)
Telephone    6357 7041 / 6357 7042 (24 hours)
Fax    6357 7039 / 6357 7044