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What to expect when you come for angiography?  

Angiography is carried out in the Angio Suite in the Neuroradiology department. Before angiography begins, informed consent will be obtained and you will be checked for any condition or medication that may preclude you from undergoing this procedure. Radio-opaque articles are removed and both groins are shaved before the procedure.


Under local anaesthesia, a small puncture wound is made to the groin artery. Through this, a catheter (hollow tube) is threaded under x-ray guidance into the head and neck arteries. Once the tip of the catheter is positioned, a contrast injection (a "run") is made with multiple x-ray exposures. Please keep still during this time.

Depending on the complexity of the procedure and the number of runs, a diagnostic study may take up to an hour to complete. Complicated neurointerventional procedures may take longer to perform.

After the procedure is completed, please rest in bed and avoid unnecessary movement or trauma to the groin wound. The puncture wound is small and will heal in a few days. Stitching is not necessary. The bandage may be removed after a period of observation which is usually overnight.



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